"We believe in using fewer, better ingredients in a smarter way. That's why our ingredients' list are short and understandable."  

Here at MANDY T, we believe in living green, simply and naturally. 


Our award-winning products are freshly handcrafted in small batches at our boutique workshops in Singapore and Munich. This ensures the highest quality ingredients and to deliver a powerful yet natural final product that keeps your skin fresh, healthy and radiant. Our packaging is notably beautiful and functional, eco-friendly, and also recyclable. Glass bottles are much kinder to the environment than plastic as they don't leak toxins into stored skincare products as well as their surroundings like plastics do.

We currently have a total of 15 varieties of bath and bodycare products containing body scrub, body cream, bath salt, bar soaps, and ambience aroma essentials.​


Proud to be Singapore's first all natural, most awarded and eco-friendly bodycare brand, we are also the first beauty brand to be showcased and retailed at Red Dot Design Museum in 2013.

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